Hi, I'm neoney

and I'm a full-stack web developer!

My skills

I've been programming in JavaScript for the past 6 years and have made the switch to TypeScript 4 years ago.

My Web Framework of choice is Remix, because of the great DX it provides. In my web apps, I tend to use TailwindCSS as it lets me rapidly improve my styling while keeping a consistent theme.

A framework I've recently started exploring is Qwik.js with QwikCity, as it reminds me of Remix a lot, but the performance is way better, and it allows you to more easily implement stuff than Remix.

I've also been working on all of the back-end by myself, which I most often make in Node.js alongside with TypeScript.

Recently I've started learning Rust, which provides the best developer experience to date. I really enjoy working with it.

I'm a huge fan of Linux, especially NixOS! All my machines run NixOS, as it has sane packaging, and allows me to re-use my configuration across my machines.
In fact, you can find my config on my GitHub!

My projects

I've made several projects, with lots of them being private.
Here are the projects that I've publicly released:

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